Metal and especially silver,  is a deeply satisfying medium to work in.  Silky smooth, luxurious, shiny, strong
but malleable.  Best of all it can be made into just about anything your mind can imagine.   And making you can wear... out of metal?  Well that's even more fun.   I still get a rush whenever  I see
someone wearing one of my pieces.

A good friend of mine had been taking metalsmithing classes and she encouraged me to do the same  several
years ago.  Trying it out basically to humor her,  I could have never imagined where it would eventually lead.   
One class and I was hooked.  I still take those classes- semi private lessons in a studio nestled in the woods from a very talented local
silversmith who has been honing her craft for decades.  That is one more thing about silversmithing that I love- there is always something
else to learn or perfect and always a new challenge to undertake.  

Inspiration is everywhere.   Gardening is a favorite pasttime for me so organic,  natured themed pieces are a major part of my work.   I also
have an affinity for simple, bold pieces with clean lines and often try to marry the two-  organic themes with a modern, sleek look.  
Gemstones also provide me with much inspiration.  I am constantly looking for unique stones to incorporate into my work.

The type of work that I do is hand forging which is somewhat of a lost art in today's world of mass produced jewelry.  I have no molds.  
Instead, I make each piece from sterling silver sheet that I cut, file, hammer, planish, form, solder  and polish.  The result is a truly
handmade one of a kind piece.  If you are interested in learning more about my techniques please visit my
blog where I write about my
work including my process.